Electroencephalogram (EEG) is one of the conrnerstones of diagnostics in epilepsy and incorporates routine EEG, sleep recordings at daytime, EEG following sleep-deprivation, multiple sleep latency test and long-term video EEG (for several days). The latter includes intracranial EEG recording that may be necessary in presurgical assessment. Therefore, on the basis of personnel and organisation the EEG department is closely liased with presurgical epilepsy diagnostics and surgical epilepsy treatment.

The well-trained EEG technicans record more than 3,000 EEGs annually. For routine EEG, two recording sites ar available. In addition, three recording sites for presurgical video-EEG-monitoring, four sites for long-term video-EEG-recording, two portable EEG-systems and one mobile EEG recorder for intensive care units are part of the facilities.

EEG recording and reading is supervised by specialised and board-certified medical consultants. The EEG education programme allows physicians to qualify for the exams of the German Society for Clinical Neurophysiology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Klinische Neuropsychologie).

Petra Vomfei-Resch
Head of the EEG technicans // Contact